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Legend says Titanic sideswiped the iceberg creating a 300-foot gash in her hull.  Stephenson makes the case that Titanic actually ground herself on the iceberg.

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  • Titanic Author, Mark Chirnside tells us that White Star spent more money on the three Olympic class ships then the entire value of their fleet in 1908. Were the Olympic Class ships the peak of shipbuilding in the early 1900’s?
    The Olympic Class Ships
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  • It’s always been a mystery why so many passengers on board Titanic were traveling incognito. Senan Molony uncovers the identity of one secret traveler, who ended up being a thief.
    A Thief on Titanic
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  • Can we design a passenger ship that is truly unsinkable? Parks Stephenson looks at that question as it relates to the design and effectiveness of watertight compartments both in 1912 and today.
    Watertight Compartments
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  • Ken Marschall takes us behind the scenes of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie Titanic.  Despite the desire to get everything right, there were a few things done deliberately wrong!  For the first time, Ken give us the inside story.
    Working on the "Big Movie"
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  • One of the most desired categories of collectables for Titanic enthusiasts is the growing movie memorabilia market – From the Nazi German Titanic movie in 1943 to James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster - it’s all out there.
    Titanic Movie Memorabilia
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  • Titanic Channel host Bill Sauder tells us that like any great English house, Titanic had her quirks; including hallways that seem to go nowhere and staircases that served no purposes. What were they thinking? Sauder will explain!
    Mystery Stairs On Titanic
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