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‘Titanic Channel Talks’ now available on Audible

This collection of 21 podcast episodes reveals the truths, myths, and legacies of R.M.S. Titanic – One of the most impactful global tragedies in over a century.

Hosted by world-renowned experts, Titanic Channel Talks uses decades of research to tell fresh stories about the lives of passengers, crew, and the inner workings of the ship. Storytellers include historians, authors, naval experts, researchers, and marine archaeologists – many of whom have experienced diving to Titanic‘s wreck site firsthand.

Listen to the podcast series on Audible here: https://www.audible.com/pd/History/Titanic-Channel-Talks-Audiobook/B077X7K56H

Full Episode listing:

1. Titanic‘s Most Refined Features – Host: Bill Sauder
2. Remembering Ruth Becker Blanchard – Host: Ken Marschall
3. The Excommunication of Masabumi Hosono – Host: Robert Bracken
4. A Thief on Titanic – Host: Senan Molony
5. Thomas Andrews’ Notes – Host: Mark Chirnside
6. Managing Titanic‘s Underwater Heritage – Host: Ken Vrana
7. Surprises Inside Titanic: The Turkish Bath – Host: Ken Marschall
8. Wreck Wood from Titanic – Host: Craig Sopin
9. We’ve Got to Know More – Host: Charles Haas
10. Watertight Compartments – Host: Parks Stephenson
11. What Did Superintendent James McGiffin Know? – Host: Senan Molony
12. The Untold Story of Jack Binns – Host: Craig Sopin
13. Underwater Archaeology – Host: Ken Vrana
14. Did the Lights Stay On? – Host: Parks Stephenson
15. Should Titanic Have Turned into the Iceberg? – Host: Parks Stephenson
16. More Lifeboats Would Not Have Helped – Host: Charles Haas
17. The J.J. Davies Bag – Host: Andrew Aldridge
18. Did Lifeboats Douse Their Lights? – Host: Senan Molony
19. Titanic‘s Morse Lamps Host: – Host: Bill Sauder
20. Shipwreck Diving – Host: Richie Kohler
21. Matching Shoes, What Else Could That Be? – Host: Ken Marschall
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RMS Titanic Gets own SVOD Channel

NASHVILLE, Tenn.March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ –TitanicChannel.tv, a Netflix-style SVOD service focused on all things TITANIC, is launching, replete with a trove of completely original, constantly growing programming presented by world renowned experts and explorers.

TitanicChannel.tv is the brainchild of partners Gregory Hall and Donald Baret, who began developing the channel and the programming in 2015 with RMS Titanic experts from around the world.

The OTT channel delivers compelling, all-original programming for enthusiasts of the iconic ship. “Anyone that knows the movie Titanic will find something in our programming that will completely capture them and expand their horizons of interest, knowledge and entertainment,” said Executive Producer Baret.

The Channel’s Archive grows daily with new and original host-presented episodes, Monday through Friday, along with special features on the weekends.

“We have exclusively assembled renowned Titanic scholars from all over the world, experts who provide the original programming, daily and exclusively to subscribers,” according to Baret. “We’re delivering new facts, new stories, theories, analysis and educated opinions behind the most famous ship in the world, whose hold on the interest and imaginations of people globally just doesn’t diminish.”

The breadth of the Channel’s original programming is as big as the great ship itself, encompassing those who owned it, built it, served on it, sailed on it, the artifacts recovered from it, the era from which it came and the myths, legends and truths that have followed it for over 100 years.

The Channel’s Subscriber Forum is the most exclusive resource for unique access to hosts and experts who have ventured to the ship, catalogued thousands of artifacts, and decades of research assembled in a one-of-a-kind subscriber environment.

TitanicChannel.tv streams coverage from live events around the world, including presentations and behind the scenes access at the upcoming Titanic Belfast events to be held in April.

Gregory Hall states: “Our goal is to curate a definitive global resource on all things Titanic, old and new, through programming that can be shared with anyone at the click of a button.”

Available for Interview:

Donald Baret – Executive Producer

Ken Marschall – Host

Parks Stephenson – Host

Bill Sauder – Host

Senan Molony – Host

Andrew Aldridge – Host

To schedule an interview, please contact press@titanicchannel.com

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“I absolutely love this new site–so fun and so educational.”

“Unlike the brief sound bites we get in the typical TV documentary, each interview segment is refreshingly long and detailed, allowing us to fully and carefully tell a story or explain an opinion. I’ve learned a lot from watching other interviews in just the first week!”

“I really LOVE the Titanic Channel and I’m looking forward for more videos and information. Thank you for the great work and please keep it up!”