Robert Bracken

Robert’s interest in Titanic was sparked at a young age after reading Walter Lord’s A Night to Remember. He especially took interest in the passenger list included in the back of the book and was shocked by the fact that whole families did not survive the disaster, especially Third Class. This lead to his need and desire to learn more about the passengers and crew on Titanic.

Robert is recognized worldwide as an expert on passengers and crew, focusing specifically on Second and Third Class passengers. He has travelled to 14 different countries in Europe to study in their archives and he’s met with a number of families whose relatives traveled on Titanic. It’s through these personal interactions with the families that he’s been able to learn the personal insights on these passengers — their life prior to Titanic, why they boarded Titanic, and for some, the tragic aftermath of the disaster and how it affected their lives and families.

Robert is a trustee with the Titanic International Society, and has written many articles on the passengers in Voyage, the Titanic International Society’s journal. He has also written and developed a passenger list that has been published and used in exhibits around the world. Through his studies and expertise, Robert keeps these passengers and their legacies alive.

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