P.H. Nargeolet

Upon joining the French Navy at just 18 years old, Paul Henry Nargeolet knew immediately that he wanted to be a diver. PH worked his way up to Commander and spent most of his Navy career with the deep diving team as submersible pilot where he recovered wrecked warships and aircraft equipment, such as their black boxes. PH retired from the Navy after serving 25 years and then went on to join the IFREMER [the French Institute for Research and Exploitation of the Sea] where he began his exploration of the Titanic wreck.

In a 2012, Forbes magazine called P.H. Nargeolet, “Titanic’s Greatest Explorer.” The former Naval officer has lead numerous expeditions to the wreck and has been down to Titanic close to 30 times. During his career with the IFREMER, he led 5 expeditions where he was responsible for recovering over 5,000 artifacts, including the notable “big piece” which was a 20 ton section of the Titanic hull. The recovery of this object took six dive attempts to recover. P.H. also played an integral part in the 2010 Titanic Debris Field Mapping Project.

P.H.’s experience stems out to the discovery and recovery expeditions of various shipwrecks including the wreck of the Titanic rescue ship the SS Carpathia. He lends his expertise to various maritime and marine foundations and is a member is a member of the International Explorers Club, the Forensic Maritime Committee of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, the Titanic International Society, and the French Association for the Titanic.

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