Craig Sopin

Craig’s interest in Titanic began at a young age when he spent time researching the stories behind the headlines, which then lead him to acquire the autograph of Titanic’s youngest survivor, Millvina Dean. Craig is now one of the largest private collectors of Titanic memorabilia. He is consulted by museums, auction houses, dealers, collectors and the media about artifact authenticity, provenance and valuations and is considered an expert in this field. Notably, Craig was brought in to help authenticate the most expensive piece of Titanic memorabilia ever sold, the Wallace Hartley violin. He has written articles about artifacts and authored or contributed to sales catalog descriptions and provenance packages for major sales. Craig has also been a member of Titanic International Society since 1995 and the British Titanic Society since about 1997.

Some noteworthy items of Craig’s collection that can be seen exclusively on the Titanic Channel are: the deck log of CS Mackay Bennett, a Marconigram sent by Jack Phillips written on board the Titanic, and a Marconigram sent by Jack Binns during the SS Carpathia’s journey back to New York with Titanic survivors on board.

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