Charles Haas

Charles’ interest in Titanic started when his grandfather introduced him to ocean liners while working in shipping industry in the Port of New York. From there, he was introduced to the book, A Night to Remember, which then lead to a lifelong passion and commitment to research. Charles is the co-founder and President of the Titanic International Society, and with co-author Jack Eaton, he has written five Titanic historical books: Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy, Titanic: Destination Disaster; Titanic, The Exhibition; Titanic: A Journey Through Time; and Falling Star: Misadventures of White Star Line Ships.

In 1993 and 1996 Charles and his team dove the Titanic wreck site, and he has been a featured lecturer and historical consultant to a number of museum exhibitions, television documentaries and films, and recovery expeditions lead by RMS Titanic Inc. In all of his Titanic research, the two events that stand out most to Charles are helping to identify 6 Titanic passengers that are buried in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and becoming an onboard resource of information during his two dives to Titanic.

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