Bill Sauder

Bill’s love of the maritime world began with working as a tour guide on the RMS Queen Mary. He quickly worked his way up to becoming acting curator of the ship. His direct contact with Titanic came shortly after Dr. Robert Ballard discovered the wreck in 1985. When Ballard returned with his findings, Bill and Ken Marschall were asked to identify the 60,000 pictures that were brought back from the expedition. He then went on to contribute to several of Dr. Ballard’s books and also accompanied Ballard to the wreck of the Lusitania to perform on-site analysis to solve the mystery of her sinking.

Bill has also provided technical assistance for James Cameron’s movie “Titanic”, by supplying detailed drawings, color schemes, and prop suggestions for the engine and boiler room scenes. He was also asked to join the month long expedition to Titanic in August 2000 where his expertise was used to identify artifacts brought up from the seabed. Bill has appeared and consulted with number of best selling books and documentaries on Titanic and has contributed to many groundbreaking discoveries on the subject.

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