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Titanic Channel is like Netflix for the Titanic enthusiast. Subscribers to The Titanic Channel have access to the newest original Titanic video programming in the world. Our archive grows with new episodes Monday through Friday, with special features on the weekends. This ensures that there is always something new to discover.

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The Titanic Channel brings exclusive access to insight and stories from 11 of the world’s foremost experts on R.M.S. Titanic. Whether you’re interested in the ship, the passengers, the history, the artifacts, or any other dimension of Titanic culture, our experts deliver the highest levels of Titanic discourse on

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Titanic Channel Community

Participate in high level discourse with other members of the Titanic Channel community. Our forum is the first resource to provide exclusive access to experts who have ventured to RMS Titanic, catalogued thousands of artifacts, and assembled decades of research.

Live Streaming Events

Watch live as streams from around the world at Titanic related events. Be the first to see Titanic news happen and participate in live Q&A sessions hosted by our world-renowned experts, along with special guests.

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